Pallets – Adding Value to Your Products

EURO Pallets A must for the European markets, these pallets come in two variants – Standard EURO and Modified EURO. Standard EURO: These pallets are the most preferred pallets in the European Union. Compliant to EURO specifications, these pallets find use in the regulated markets of food and pharmaceuticals.


Standardized pallet throughout the EU very popular for Expor


These Pallets are made according to ISO Standards. It is als


SSTI offers these pallets in Two different models. STANDARD


HANDLING: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS easy to handle with any handling equipments.              LOW COST: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS are costing low and accepted widely comparing to any other alternative pallets as they are made with pure wood.               ACCEPTABILITY: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS are accepted and certified for world wide exports as it comes with ISPM-15 heat-treatment.                                                 ENVIRONMET: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS meets current United Nations Legislation ISPM-15 heat-treatment to avoid migration of pests from one country to another.         SAFETY: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS are manufactured from good quality wood selected from different forests of world to provide optimum protection for the palletized load. EASY PACKING: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS are ideal for shrink or stretch wrapping. Further more, the pallets provide an excellent base for boxes or trays as it have even surface and grip to strapping due to the grooves provided in the blocks.                WIDE RANGE: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS are available in a choice of standard & customized size and loading capacities to meet various requirements for different markets of globe.                                                                                                                                            FAMILIAR: SHIV SHAKTI PALLETS have been available for over 28 years and preferred by various customers who are exporting their products to EUROPE, USA, ;AUSTRALIA, and Middle East Asia.